Through out the world, different procedures are being followed and used to enhance the beauty. Whether they are home remedies or surgical treatments, there has been a great innovation in the world of beauty. There has been a rapid growth in the usage of dermal fillers for which different kind of cannulas and needles are used.

Due to the variety that is available these days in the cosmetic world for enhancing beauty, there are many debates between people that what product they should use and what they should not. Today we are going to argue about one of most discussed topics in dermal fillers’ world.

And that is that whether to use blunt cannulas or microneedles. There is a comprehensive division between doctors and dermatologists when it comes to using cannulas and needles. Some prefer cannulas and some like to use needles. Both have a very similar demand tendacy, that is why shops prefer to showcase both cannulas and needles on their store fronts, below is a small example of it :

Blunt Cannulas, Microneedles, Microcannulas – PremiumLift

As you can see that both cannula of different types and Microneedles of different types are listed. Both have different advantages. However, one can only lead to an answer once you have experienced the effects of both. But who wants to try different things on their own skin? No one of-course, so today we have a round of debate for using cannulas or needles and I hope that after the end of the article you will be able to choose at-least one of them from both cannulas and microneedles.

First of all, you must consider one thing and that is that both have some advantages and disadvantages. But it is up to you that what suits you the most. In this article we are going to discuss some advantages of Blunt cannulas and some disadvantages too. So have a look:

Advantages of Blunt Cannulas over Needles

  1. Blunt cannulas can be used at any part of your body with an injectable filler. You can use any filler with it including Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Juvederm, etc.
  2. Blunt cannulas are considered safer because they are more accurate comparing to needles.
  3. Bruising possibility is very low if used correctly.
  4. Blunt cannulas can be used on multiple parts of your body. They can be used to either treat nasolabial folds or to inject any filler to plump cheeks
  5. Anesthesia can also be injected through blunt cannulas
  6. Swelling and discomfort that a patient may face is very low and patients have regarded blunt cannulas as more safer than the needles
  7. The length and size of blunt cannulas is very small than others
  8. It is a newly developed technology to lesser the pain during the treatment. Despite the fact that its length is smaller, it still has the capability to go much more deeper than needles.
  9. Due to the latest design, the effects are more immediate and long-lasting
  10. Blunt cannulas have a proven and reliable history

Disadvantages of Blunt Cannulas

  1. Blunt cannulas are not used for Sculptra process because it cannot be placed well on the bone and the dermis.

Althought blunt cannulas are great and if used for different techniques correctly, then they work great. Please read this to understand about using cannulas correctly.

Correct Technique to use Microcannulas without doing a mistake

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