Magic Bullet is one of the best mini blender you can get from the market. The blender will only cost you around $39 which is a lot cheaper than the regular size blenders. Despite the low price, the blender has everything to offer. The blender can perform various functions which you can do in a regular size blender but they are expensive. This blender is easy to use and store and can simply move from one place to another.

Today in this article, we are going to talk about this blender and what this blender is capable of. Also, we will give details about the pros and cons of this blender so that you can easily make your decision before purchasing it. The blender is manufactured by Nutribullet and as this company is known to make best mini blender, this blender will offer you the same features. However, there is a debate going on the internet over Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet but for us this is the best blender as it is identical to the Nutribullet and is a lot cheaper than that.