Recently we received a request from Abelard who is one of our loyal readers from Germany who asked about our recommendations about Cryolipolysis treatment. We decided to answer him via a post on our blog so everyone can get entertained from it. Basically Cryolipolysis is a medical treatment that is used to destroy fat cells that appear on the skin. The principle of Cryolipolysis relies on controlled cooling to about 4° Celsius or approx. 39° Fahrenheit for the non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits on your skin to contour your body. These days Cryolipolysis in Europe is done via machines that have been developed for suitability in aesthetic spas and clinics. There are popular brands such as CoolSculpting, Clatuu, 3d lip and Lipoglaze.


After deciding to have Cryolipolysis treatment, you need to ensure that you reach a perfect dermatologist for this treatment. Before selecting one please make sure that the practitioner is certified and has good history of successful treatments and procedures. Cryolipolysis is getting popular in Europe, especially in France and Germany. We decided to share a trustworthy clinic in München, Germany with you that has great feedback on Google, especially for Abelard because he asked us to mention one reliable clinic in his city.

Link to Clinic: Behandlung mit Kryolipolyse München- Joveoderm

Special message to Abelard:

I hope this clinic will be a good choice for you. We have already sent them an appointment request on your behalf. Hope you will have great experience, Abelard :).

Uses and Advantages

Cryolipolysis removes certain fats from certain areas of body that can appear just under skin contour on a person’s body. Normally the effects are seen in 3 –  4 months. According to a review that was done in 2015, it can show promising results with an average fat reduction of about 20 percent as measured by calipers. Since the amount of treated people is too small, the data of treatment stays in scarce but the initial response has been good and over-whelming.

Side Effects

Please note before reading that the side-effects data is based on limited data resources of some personal opinions of some patients who got this treatment. According to some people who were treated they face, bruising, redness and numbness on the skin but the problem disappeared shortly and thus it was just temporary problem that occurred. Some patients also informed that they felt sensory deficits subsided within a month.

Method of Work

All Lipolysis procedures have a simple theory of dissolving fats and unneeded cells via nonsurgical means. There are different methods that have been attempted that includes use of ultrasound, radio frequency and laser. Popsicle paanicultis is also a dermatologic term that expresses the exposure of low temperatures that can selectively harm unhealthy fats while leaving skin intact and smooth.

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