Airsnore Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece offers home sleep remedies.  The mouthpiece is designed to reduce snoring. The device is available with a boil-and-bite feature that fits and works well for most sleepers. In this article, we will highlight the working of the Airsnore anti-snoring mouthpiece device, along with the details of its features.

The Airsnore Mouthpiece consists of a hard outer plastic layer and a soft inner thermoplastic layer. The device is available in one universal size. The soft inner layer of the Airsnore device can be heated in water and molded to achieve a customized fit. The option to adjust the device makes this a suitable choice for most sleepers wanted to reduce their snoring.

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The Airsnore Mouthpiece reduces your snoring by gently pushing your lower jaw, forward. This process helps your airways open when you are sleeping. The inner layer of moldable thermoplastic provides a softer interface for your teeth and gums.


The price of an Airsnore Anti-snoring mouthpiece ranges from $20 to $ 150 for a simple device up to more custom-fit-models respectively. The difference in price range is due to the quality of the device, adjustability, and policies like free shipping and returns.

With free shipping, and a trial period of sixty days, the Airsnore mouthpiece attracts shoppers. They can also bundle the Airsnore mouthpiece with Airsnore drops, to avail the price discount.


The Airsnore snoring device reduces snoring. Snoring is a common habit with about 57% of men and 40% of females who have the symptom of their sleep. Snoring is a rattling noise that occurs as you breathe during sleep. The sound of snoring is happened by air flowing over soft tissue in the back of your throat. The tissue becomes relaxed, which narrows the airway and makes snoring more likely.

Your sleeping partner will be disturbed by the severe snoring and it can also affect your sleep as well. Devices like the Airsnore mouthpiece increase the space in your airways. Anti-snoring devices decrease the vibrations in the throat that create the sound of snoring. The Airsnore works by pushing the lower jaw forward to keep the tongue forward and the airway open. The process can be effective for most sleep, but it may not be suitable for people with dentures or dental implants.


It is important to go through the features of the device and overall performance when you are choosing the best for your sleep. The Airsnore Mouthpiece offers a customizable boil-and-bite fit. The device does not require a prescription and it is easy to clean.

The Airsnore device is adjustable with a boil-and-bite process which creates a custom fit to the shape of your teeth. You can repeat the process if you don’t get the perfect fit on the first attempt.  The lifespan of the device is around one year. It also depends on the use of the device and the cleanliness of the device.

You can get the device from the Airsnore website without any prescription from a doctor, However, you should take advice from your doctor, if you have frequent and severe snoring.

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